Want To Become A Realtor?

"Be your own Boss"
Owning a Business Gives You Freedom

There’s never been a better time to become a real estate agent.

A licensed realtor connects buyers and sellers for transactions and represents them in legal negotiation. Here are the pros and cons to consider before becoming a realtor.


Flexible schedule

Career Opportunities

Freedom and Independence

Unlimited income potential


Slow Periods

Stressful Process

Dealing with Rejection

Different Personalities of Clients

"Be your own Boss"
Owning a Business Gives You Freedom

Joining a Real Estate Profession in Ontario

Knowing about these organizations are essential.


Career Opportunities in Real Estate

Real Estate Salesperson

Complete the Real Estate Education Program and get a license in order to trade.

Real Estate Broker

Firstly, be a Real Estate Salesperson and get a experience. Secondly, register for the Broker qualifying exam to start the process.

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Broker Of Record

It is mandatory to get a Broker license first in order to become a Broker of record in any Brokerage

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Complete the Real estate Education Program First and follow these steps

Join a Brokerage


Register with RECO


Join your Local Board


Joining a Brokerage is Essential!

It is important to join a brokerage as you can not trade in Real estate unless you join a brokerage. A brokerage is a corporation, partnership, or sole proprietorship that trades in real estate on behalf of others for compensation.

Core values to Look into the Brokerages

Value Proposition

Realtors and brokerages both have to put effort to complete a transaction. The value brokerage puts towards a realtor transaction should decide the cut payable to the brokerage. The value proposition is the way forward deciding factor for the brokerage vs realtor split.

Sustainable Growth

In real estate, most of realtors think the opportunity is limited to selling the property. Actually, there are lots of opportunities which can arise and all of these opportunities can really help to make money. Sustainable growth is another important factor to consider whilst choosing the right brokerage..

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